Best solar panel Installations UK 2020

Install Solar UK the number one national choice for best solar panel installations. The company has been supplying and installing solar panels now for over 8 years. We believe we not only supply the best products but also give you the best professional fitting with peace of mind.

Straight Forward Solar Panel Installation

Undoubtedly there is a very simple recipe to solar panel installation success. Firstly good company along with seasoned top solar panel install teams. Secondly carefully selected solar products from long-standing companies with great warranties. Lastly but certainly not least is a great system of communication and clear updates. For us keeping you the customer up-to-date on time I’m and happy he is a number one priority.

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Best solar panel Installations for your home - Install Solar UK

  • Above all a professional customer service and residential solar panel installation
  • Due to that FULL payment on Completion - NO Deposit
  • Operating Nationally while No Sub-contracting of installation
  • Even more providing an Insurance backed Warranty - QANW
  • NO hard Sell NO In your house Sales NO Nonsense
  • Simple tuned process from order to install - Fuss Free



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The secret of simple solar installations

Specially selected solar products joined together with a seasoned well oiled installation team together with great customer services from start to end. Thus each of our solar install teams are fully qualified and well trained. Similarly the solar panel and solar inverter have been chosen as a result of a variety of factors taken in to account.

For example the reason that both passed the initial stage was that they have warranties of a full 20 years, just one of the key factors. Obviously another contributing Factor is that these are world wide long-term companies. Hence the Warranty supplied are strong and can be relied on if needed in the future.

The 833 solar panel in contrast to its competitors degrades much less. This means greater energy output, hence greater savings and export income. Similarly the SolaX Power X Series inverters or the most efficient on the UK market.



Above all Only Premium Solar PV Products


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Only the best solar panels installed

Specially selected solar products joined together with a seasoned well oiled install team and great customer services. The solar panel and solar inverter have both  been chosen as a result of a many factors taken into account. For the reason that both have warranties of a full 20 years was a factor. not

The 833 solar panel in contrast to its rivals in the panel market degrades much less. Over a 25 year period of time this all adds up to your invest decision. The other key Factor is not if you have to make a claim against these products the company still have to be around!

Sample Gallery of Solar Panel installations

Just a note that this is just a small sample photos of previous solar panel installations. Obviously there are photos that have blue solar panels, these with some of the early jobs. to point out all the panels that we use now or black solar panels. These new style panels are a lot more discreet on the roof  of your house. A wise man once said but really John how many times do you really look at your roof!

Solar Panel Installations Photos

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Up to date Certification

It should be noted that when solar panels first began in the UK all solar installation companies had to be well certified. However with the feed-in tariff falling away the certification needed for new solar installers is much less strict. This differing to ongoing commitments made here it is company to maintain high standards. At Install Solar UK the team members are all qualified in their own fields with the company has also passed high level standards.

Finally all solar PV installers certifications are fully up to date. Also solar panel and solar inverter manufacturer partnership are in place.


Obviously when you contract the company to provide you with a solar panel installation you will have done some research about company. This should always be done on investment of this nature. Importantly when it comes to solar companies they are just 2 real key factors.

  • Firstly and without a doubt the most important is certificates. If the company along with the installation team should both be fully qualified. This means they will hold the correct certificates as shown below.
  • Secondly is wherever or not your choice solar panel install company is any good. Clearly the many online review sites are a really good indicator. The team have put together a list of some of the major wants to look at on our contact us page.