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833 Solar Panels- Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

The solar panel installation with third company, Install Solar UK was fast and smooth. I got quoted by 6 different solar panel companies. I signed contract and started with another company that didn’t go well – you can see my other 2 star review if you want to see that story. Finally I ended up selecting Install Solar UK. Here is the break down:

Price and sales person: 5 star
Roofing work: 4 star – this was the only issue I had, but they bent back work to make me happy so I’m good
Quality/ workmanship:  5 star

I got 8.33 solar PV panels (14 panels) and the Solax X solar inverters. Speed was very good, no bull from sales team, and very accommodating.  I’m not easy to please, but I highly recommend this company.

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