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Great installation team and price

This review is long overdue as I’ve had great installation team with a great price. Not only because I didn’t realize I never posted this, and it sat in my drafts for a year! Lol.

Install Solar UK  proposed the best price for the installation. The customer service team  didn’t try to up-sell us. Either with a main electrical panel upgrade or an unnecessary number of solar panel performed everything super efficiently. Maybe the best part – everyone from the managers to the installers was nice! I’ve met a lot of condescending contractors in the past, and I hate the idea of paying money to people that talk down to me, no matter how good their work is. This team was like a breath of fresh air.

just a professional great installation team 

Alex came to our home and provided the quote, and was eventually the project manager. He was super down-to-Earth, and seemed honest and was not nearly as pushy as the other guys who gave us solar  quotes. I felt I could trust him to get the job done right.

The installers were also pretty chill. They had a couple accidents, but they were so apologetic and quick to rectify the situation that I was so impressed that I couldn’t be upset about the accidents lol. This was completely unlike my past contractors, who couldn’t take responsibility for mistakes or care that they damaged your beloved home.

I highly recommend them!!! Reduce your carbon footprint and your electric bill and get solar

great solar team installation
great solar team installation

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