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Install Solar UK – My Solar Installation Company

This review is long overdue, and only because I didn’t realize I never posted this, and it sat in my drafts for a year! Lol.

Install Solar UK proposed the best price for the installation. The company  didn’t try to up-sell with an upgrade or unnecessary number of solar panels. The company performed everything super efficiently, and – maybe the best part – everyone from the managers to the installers was nice! I’ve met a lot of condescending contractors in the past, and I hate the idea of paying money to people that talk down to me. No matter how good the work is. The team was like a breath of fresh air compared to other solar installation companies.

Solar Installation Survey at my house

Chris came to our home and provided the technical solar survey, and was eventually the project manager. The process was very clear and outlined through to the end. Not nearly as pushy as the other solar installation companies who gave us quotes. I felt I could trust him to get the job done right.

The solar panel installers also came across  pretty chilled, took all problems in stride.

I highly recommend Install Solar UK!!! Reduce your carbon footprint and electric bill and install solar now!

I found them on Facebook here, they have over a 1000 Facebook likes. How are you going by the way sorry I’ve got so much work on at the moment

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