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Solar Panels UK – Life after FiT Grant

Firstly let me begin by saying the future for solar panels UK is far from bleak. The reality of the financial effect is not as bad as the hype!

The Solar PV FiT Current Benefit

The solar PV Grant Then

The Solar PV Feed in Tariff (FiT) was launched as a grant to incentive the UK public to look at solar panels. The initial solar FiT was so attractive that even buying a 4 kW system at £18,000 you were likely to triple your money!

The Solar PV Grant Now

The FiT right now still just about pays for your solar panel system, although that is over a 20 year period. So if this is the case, why the big rush before 1st April 2019. This is partly because of the way it is sold, especially if in your house. Sales posing as Surveyors, selling you solar panel installations, instead of windows. Selling at a much bigger price, inflating the truth to Peter Pan. And we all know that leads to pirates and crocodiles!


The future of solar Panels UK

So What is the Real Benefit

To conclude the true benefit is your electricity saving! Fuel rate goes up on average 10% every year. You will normally be able to halve your electricity bill. Over the same 20 year period, you could save 5 times the current FiT!

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