Solar Survey Online Quote PV Report created for a number of reasons. The main one being that new customers wanted a bespoke quote. The quote would reflect future accurate savings. Not only that but be able to have it done remotely. In other words no hassle of an initial site survey. The online remote solar survey satisfies both of those needs. It serves as a great tool for very accurate solar quotes.

Solar Savings And Income

Here a quote can be sent by e-mail in a few simple steps. The solar panel quote received is entirely tailored to your property. Like wise the information in the quote is! This includes savings and income in quote are entirely based on your data. Hence an informed decision can be made.

Enter the contact details to which you would like the quote sending to. The quote is sent by e-mail and also via SMS message.

If you are now at the location, great. Simply press the find my location button. Else click the option other location. Input your desired address in the fields that now show.

Using your mouse or finger drag and position the red marker on map. Place marker on to your desired roof or area. This is where you would like solar panels fitted.

The solar design team will now prepare your tailored quote. The area will be assessed and sized. The data like angle off south and tilt will also be taken. The free quote will then be prepared for you.

-The total power of desired solar panel system.

-Radiation average at your post code level over the last 10 years.

-The orientation of each array of panels – degrees off South.

-The angle of tilt of your rooftop or ground-mount proposed.

You will then receive your free quote. This will be by two methods. To your email including your mobile phone via SMS.



Firstly thank you for your time taken to submit data. If you have sent your details across then the design team will now prepare your quote. Just to be absolutely clear, this is a free no obligation proposal.

The Solar Survey key Metrics and Inputs

Well it comes down to 3 key variables. In terms of location your house, where is it located. This with the actual position of the solar panels at your location. And the final solar system size completes the data needed. The MCS approved calculation is used to give the savings numbers. Using the most accurate and up to date UK data.

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